Edwin is an experienced community servant - raising over $5M for  economic growth - leading the build out of over 200 new workforce housing units & approving $2M in new public trails. 

Hi - I'm Edwin. I am here to serve.


Do you believe we can revitalize our local business?

Do you think we need to retain and attract the next generation for the future of our community?

Do you want Moorhead to unite and step out of the towering shadow of Fargo?

I do.

With our community's brilliant ideas, creative talents, and my proven leadership, we are bringing the future into the present.



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Edwin believes in service before self.

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Executive Director

“With a genuine interest in and compassion for people, bright intellect, creative talents and a dedicated work ethic Mr. Edwin Dale Hahn would be an excellent candidate. ”






Edwin believes in freedom, collaboration, and the advancement of our Community.

1. To support our families, we need core, family friendly recreation options


HOW: With citizens, city leaders, commercial developers and non-profits, launch a 2-year pilot program just for Moorhead.

GOAL: 3 FOR 3 - Implement 3 new pedestrian features, 3 new destination locations, and unlock $3M in pilot beautification projects from State Legislature by 2023


2. To sustain our district, we need to retain and attract local business 

HOW: With local business leaders, drive a Border City tax and permit reciprocity program.

GOAL: Level the playing field with Fargo: less regulation, a better tax climate, and improved health care options for employers and employees.

3. To secure the future of our community, we need to apply innovation in education 


HOW: With the voice of parents and educators, roll out a pilot program that teaches high school students real-world skills to launch their own successful business.

GOAL: Reduce local high school drop out rate by 1/2 and increase post-high school employment by 30%.