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Edwin is a statesman and warrior - he has, is, and will continue to fight for our freedoms - defending our God-given land against the evil tyranny of mandates and government control. 

Hi - I'm Edwin. I am here to fight.


Do you believe we can secure our elections and take back our government from tyrants?

Do you think we need to abolish radical and divisive teaching, and secure our children's freedom?

Do you want our counties to become a sanctuary for health freedom and the right to bear arms?


I do.

With our American heritage of hard work, self determination, and the courage to fight, we are claiming victory over evil!


Blessings and gratitude,

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Edwin believes in service before self.

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State Representative

“Edwin has the COURAGE that we so desperately need in St. Paul. I urge you to support him and send him to St. Paul so he can fight like hell against both radical Democrats and inspire courage within Republican ranks.”








Edwin believes in freedom, collaboration, and the advancement of our Community.

1. Election Integrity. As only one of seven people in the entire state of Minnesota to file an Election Contest for the 2020 election, that I took all the way to the MN Supreme Court, you bet I take voter fraud seriously. Actions speak louder than words.


2. Education. Parents are the ultimate authority in their child's education; we must have transparency and parent choice in our schools. Social Studies classes should be taught from a fact-based perspective that incorporates the history of all of the peoples of the United States in a way that is patriotic and pro-America.  History courses should not be used to advance divisive agendas that weaponize students against one another, or against America.

3. Health Freedom. I support the right to life of the pre-born, individual bodily autonomy, informed consent, medical privacy, and health freedom and oppose government mandates of any medical treatment, testing, or procedure. An individual shall not be discriminated against, nor services withheld, nor participation or access denied because of their vaccination status, nor because of any other health status.  Health Care Insurance should cover services from any health care provider that the individual determines best meets their medical needs, including non-medical, alternative whole person health care providers such as chiropractors and naturopaths, etc.